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Posted 5 Jun 2017

within just a few weeks five new modules will begin shipping from SNAZZY FX. Some of these will also be available as DIY KITS.

STILL BUILDING PEDALS!! Currently we have 5 pedals available for your enjoyment . (And none are clones ) All will work with a number of input sources and a few will work with no input at all !

They are all really fun for exploring different sound territory . They’ve all been designed with guitar and bass, as well as DAW production in mind.

More videos on the way!! And please …feel free to ask questions about them !!

Cellophane -crazy 2 knob box with many different sounds possible -octave fuzz, full on distortion , even use it alone as an oscillator, and plenty of nice sweep tricks with the volume knob—see the videos ! Very very full sounding . This is really our most FUZZ style pedal .Tiny !

Field_Trip : 4 knob psych-tone harmonic overload box . Excellent for drones , over the top distortion , power chords , etc . This sounds wonderful for space Rock/shoegaze. Includes controls for sculpting the harmonics AND a feedback control . Pretty small ! Our psych pedal

Neighborhood: 2 knobs , 2 toggle switches, one EXPRESSION PEDAL INPUT : our crazy noise box , includes built in internal antenna to attract RF, radio stations , space noise , etc. when used with a guitar , the two modes act very differently. Especially when you start hooking up an expression pedal!!! This box is NOT for the faint of heart . It’s main love is static , and when used with a guitar , you can get tracking fuzz, sputter fuzz, and plenty of ULTRA TRASHY TONES!! Definitely something different !! Not too big ! Perfect for noise freaks , synth people , or anyone who wants a pedal that is quite strange . Our noise pedal

COLLECTIVE BARGAIN-3 knobs : if you like to get pedals that help give you a unique tone -check this out ! Utilizing some synthesizer style waveshaping , at times this pedal sounds like a weird synth, a random octave machine , at others like a smooth 70’s style distortion , at others it sounds like only half the notes are getting through, replaced by whatever the pedal decides to do . You can get so many different sounds out of it with just a few controls. Really responds well to your playing: is very sensitive. Really far out ! Pretty small box ! Our futuristic pedal

Cellophane -crazy 2 knob box with many different sounds possible -octave fuzz, full on distortion , random note octave , even use it alone as an oscillator, and it has plenty of nice sweep tricks with the volume knob—see the videos ! Very , very full sounding pedal . This is really our most FUZZ style pedal but as weird as ever .Tiny !

Wow and Flutter Limited Edition : only making a few more these hand signed , numbered and painted wow and flutters

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Custom summer !!!

Posted 30 Jun 2016

all summer long , Snazzy Fx is making pedalboard friendly , hand-made , one of a kind pedals. new ones, old ones . contact us for info on the Surfs Up, Wow and Flutter, Divine Hammer, Neighborhood, and more as the summer goes by.


SNAZZY FX will be embarking on a 12 day meet and greet promotional whirlwind tour of Germany, Czech Republic and Austria!

come on out and say hello at SUPERBOOTH, RACK_RASH 2016, the BEFACO event, and in BRNO. a brand new chaos kit, demos, new modules and workshops and a few Dan Snazelle performances are all planned!



Posted 24 Oct 2015

MIM was such a great event! thanks to verbos electronics and Control! and thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth!!

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due to popular demand, Snazzy FX has created a module made just for you GUITARISTS!

THE GTR AMP euro Module!

Allowing you to both Control other modules with your guitar (such as triggering an envelope) And use your guitar as a +/-5v signal, effects like Ring Modulation, Triggered Sweeps, Tremolo, and more can all be patched up when you use the GTR AMP module as your guitars input into the system.

Made to complement a row of SNAZZY FX MODULES (the tidal wave and wow and flutter are both perfect for guitar processing!) as well as work with all other euro modules.

The main advantage of the module is the HIGH GAIN it can produce without turning your guitar into TOTAL MUSH, however it does range from clean to nicely over-driven.

taking pre-orders now


Before the normal production run of this box, I will be making 10 signed and numbered DIVINE HAMMERS.

These boxes have a lot of functionality! Including not only guitar in and out, BUT modular synthesizer inputs, and CV inputs/Modulaton inputs.

The limited run will be

Yellow Powedercoated boxes (which WILL fit in your pedalboard) with Unique Graphics.

Photos to follow. here is a good AUDIO DEMO of nothing but a guitar into the divine hammer into a clean amp




17 ~ 18 Oct 2015

Posted 12 Aug 2015


if you live on the east-coast you should check this out! two days of planned activities and LOTS of manufacturers and performers equal a reason to get out of the house ! or a really great excuse to come visit NYC!! **free to the public ** ** steps away from the subway ** check it out! **